Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New logo: Nextel / NII

The Virginia-based company NII Holdings, which operates mobile telecommunication services in Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil under the Nextel name, launched a new corporate identity yesterday, September 19. This involves new marks for both NII and the local Nextel subsidiaries.

The new brand identity was developed by Landor Associates in San Francisco.

NII and the Nextel sudsidiaries are now now linked through several visual aspcets, including a common typeface, the orange typeface, and the enhanced 'x'. The 'x' is a part of both new logos, but can also be used as a separate device, a "connector". The connectors are "meant to join ideas or focus attention".

Previous logo.
"Orange was selected as the dominant color for the new logo for its freshness and appeal, while a proprietary font was chosen to lend a contemporary feel. The NII Holdings, Inc. logo will change its design and color to coordinate better with the new Nextel brand graphic identity that will be used in the company’s markets." - NII press release

New NII logo.

Previous NII logo.

NII press release
NII press release pdf
Nextel Brasil press release
Landor Associates press release
Landor Associates press release pdf

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