Friday, September 16, 2011

New logo: Peretz TV

The Russian national television network DTV (ДТВ) is about to be relaunched as Peretz TV (Перец ТВ), the "first non-serious channel for adults". Management are hoping this will increase viewing by positioning it as a broader channel that appeals to both genders, introducing some new programmes, while keeping the most popular from the DTV schedule.

The fact that the channel was about to be relaunched under a new name was reported back in May, and Peretz was mentioned as a possible new name. Yesterday, September 15, it was announced that the channel would be relaunched on October 1. There is also a holding site displaying the new logo.

Peretz means "pepper" in Russian, and the new logo is a pepper fruit flanked by the first and last letter in the name.

Update September 27: Peretz later amended their website to suggest that the logo pictured above is in fact an interim logo for use during the transition from DTV to Peretz. What seems to be a more permanent version logo is now in use in some places. It keeps the pepper fruit, but spells out the full name. The launch date has also been pushed back two weeks.

Previous logo.

The DTV network has gone through several changes in its twelve years on the air, including seven different logos. Here's a brief, but complete, timeline of DTV's logo history:

The original Daryal TV logo.

The network was originally launched in 1999 as Daryal TV, a network dedicated to wholesome programming, much of it produced in Russia.

In 2001 it was bought by the Swedish Modern Times Group (MTG) who eventually renamed it DTV and reshaped it as an entertainment channel in the mould of their TV3 channels in Scandinavia. The logo on the left was the first one used under the DTV name.

In 2003, DTV introduced a new look with the "triangle" logo seen on the right.

A couple of years later, the logo had switched to the Latin alphabet, reverting back back to Cyrillic after another couple of years, removing the "Viasat" name in the process.

Another rebrand came in 2008, this time created by the Russian broadcast design agency Shandesign. By now, MTG had sold the network to CTC Media, in which they owned a large share.

What turned out to be the last DTV logo was introduced at some point last year.
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