Friday, September 9, 2011

New logo: SES

The Luxembourg-based global satellite operator SES presented a new corporate identity today, September 9, at the IBC trade show in Amsterdam. This will see the company give up its regional names, SES Astra and SES New Skies, to use to SES name for all regions. It does however seem like the Astra name will be retained for some consumer-facing purposes, especially in Germany.

Previous logo.

The symbol in the previous logo was first seen in the late 1980s when it was used for the company's first Astra satellite. It then featured a lot of arches, symbolising signals reaching earth from space. The number of arches was later reduced to one. In 2001, Société Européenne bought General Electric's satellite division GE Americom, and the name SES Global was adopted for the new parent company. The Gill Sans typeface was adopted at the same time. The 'Global' part was dropped some years later.

The new logo removes the last arch, leaving a tiny triangle next to the SES wordmark, which uses a modified version of the Allumi typeface. A less modified version version of Jean François Porchez' Allumi is used as SES's new corporate typeface.
"When we implemented a streamlined management structure back in May, we laid the basis for the execution of our ambitious global goals and our growth strategy. Our new corporate design will support our efforts to grow our business and develop a single customer interface, further intensifying customer proximity and our links to industry. The new SES structure and appearance represent a next logical step in the development of our company as a leading and innovative satellite operator" - SES president and CEO Romain Bausch in a press release
Update September 13: It was later reported that the new corporate identity was developed by MetaDesign in Berlin.

An Astra logo from back in 1989.

The simplified Astra logo from later in the 1990s.

The SES Global logo.

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