Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New logo: Universal Television

NBCUniversal's television production division is getting a new name. Known as NBC Universal Television Studio after the NBC-Universal merger in 2004, it was renamed Universal Media Studios in 2007 to show that it was hip to the latest trends of new media and digital platforms. This week, on September 12, it was announced that the studio was reverting back to Universal Television, one of several names used in the company's history.

The new logo includes a crescent, a reminder of Universal's globe mark.
"The studio's new logo pays homage to its legacy with a global-inspired trademark that is reminiscent of its earlier years but has been slightly updated." - press release
Previous logo.
Update September 23: I've finally obtained an example of the new endcap for shows produced by Universal Television:

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The new endcap.

The Futon Critic


  1. This is really weak. I dont't mind the name change, but the Universal typeface should have remained the same. It now looks like a knock-off.

  2. If they just waited another year or two, Copperplate would be back in vogue. :)