Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New logo: Cnet

Cnet has reintroduced the classic "pipe" logo it used when it launched in the 1990s, three years after the popular technology site replaced it with a simpler wordmark on a red sphere.

The "pipeless" logo was part of a site redesign that saw them give up its neon yellow background and "web 1.0" aesthetics. It was first previewed in June 2008, around the time the site was purchased by CBS Corporation. The new design finally launched on August 27, 2008. Overall, that redesign centered around simplicity, and the dropping of the pipe was part of this approach.

The resurrected logo has been given a "disc-like" effect, somewhat similar to the current ABC logo. It has been used at least since the early part of October.

The "pipeless" logo, used 2008-2011.

The clasic Cnet logo, used until 2008.

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