Monday, October 17, 2011

New logo: Travel+Escape

Travel+Escape is a Canadian cable channel dedicated to "exotic destinations, culinary darings, paranormal experiences and sports and adventure expeditions". It is essentially a Canadian equivalent of the Travel Channel. Launched in 2001 as CTV Travel, it got its current name in 2006, and CTV sold the channel to a small broadcaster called Glassbox last year.

On October 5, Glassbox announced that Travel+Escape would be relaunched on November 1 with a new visual identity, created by a company called Mighty.

"The distinct new identity establishes the boldness of the channel’s redesign. Modern yet familiar, the new logo and on-air visuals were inspired by iconic travel symbols including retro luggage tags." - Press release

Previous logo, used since 2006.

CTV Travel logo, used between 2001–2006.

Glassbox press release

Update November 12: Travel+Escape later released a stacked version of their new logo:

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