Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New logos: NRK TV

The Norwegian state broadcaster NRK has three television channels, and they all got new logos last week, on October 11.

The previous logos for NRK1 and NRK2 were introduced in the early 00s and consisted of the corporate NRK logo with a custom-made numeral attached to it. When NRK3 launched in 2007 the new channel received a similar logo.

This redesign takes the numerals and puts them into colour-coded circles. The circle has been a widely used motif in NRK's on-screen graphics for over a decade, starting out with the circle in the corporate logo.

The corporate NRK logo itself was adopted in 1970 when NRK was a monopoly. Its creator was an artist named Ingolf Holme. As part of a company-wide identity programme around the turn of the millenium, the logo received a barely noticable update that rounded out some sharp edges.

The old and the new channel logos can be seen below.

NRK press release

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