Thursday, January 26, 2012

New logo: jcpenney

Less than a year ago, JCPenney unveiled a new logo, created by a young graphic design student named Luke Langhus. That was the most significant logo change for the department store chain since the early 1970s. Perhaps a sign of increased logo turnover, JCPenney unveiled another new logo yesterday, January 23, as part of a major marketing initative, due to launch February 1.

The logo keeps the square from its predecessor, but changes typeface and turns it blue. A larger square with a red outline is added to make the logo resemble the US flag. It reflects the fact that JCPenney is an American brand, and the new pricing strategy, called "Fair and Square".

JCPenney worked with Mother and Peterson Milla Hooks (PMH) on its relaunch.

Current logo.
"The new jcpenney logo, which combines the elements that have made jcpenney an enduring American brand, by evoking the nation's flag and jcpenney's commitment to treating customers Fair and Square. The square frame imagery will be evident throughout all of jcpenney's marketing, to remind customers to frame the things they love." - Press release
Previous logo.

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  1. The new logo is seriously terrible. It looks like an experiment making a mark on powerpoint.