Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New logo: Vietnam

Less than a year ago (January 26, 2011), the Vietnamese tourism administration unveiled a new logo to market the country to tourists. It was selected through a contest and featured a multi-colored star and the tagline "A different orient". It did however face widespread criticism and was eventually withdrawn.

Last week, the government agencies responsible for promoting Vietnam as a tourist destination unveiled another new logo, as well as a new slogan, "Timeless charm".

In the new logo, the V has been turned into a lotus flower with five petals in different colors. The five colors are said to represent different kinds of tourism, for example green for eco-tourism and orange for culture and history. The logo is credited to an artist named Tran Hoai Duc.

The new logo is to replace Vietnam's existing tourism logo, which was reportedly introduced in 2005 and features a torch and the tagline "The hidden charm".

Previous logo.

The rejected logo unveiled in January 2011.

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