Monday, January 2, 2012

New logos: Viasat Film

Today it was announced that the Nordic pay TV brand TV1000 is about to disappear. The movie channels associated with the TV1000 brand will instead be renamed "Viasat Film", sitting neatly next to the sports channels called "Viasat Sport".

The TV1000 brand has a relatively long history, dating back to 1989 when it started broadcasting as a single premium channel for viewers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Later on, it firmly positioned itself as a movie channel and has expanded into a portfolio of six thematic channels. With the rebrand all but one of these six channels will also get an HD simulcast.

The press release doesn't give any rationale for scrapping the TV1000 brand, other than the generic claim that "the time has come for a change". There doesn't seem to be a major shift in content, other than the fact the Viasat Film will not include any pornography. Erotic movies has been a fixture of TV1000 since its launch, but did no longer fit with the family-friendly brand Viasat are trying to build.

The rebrand takes place on March 1 in the Nordic markets. The company also owns several TV1000-branded movie channels in Central and Eastern Europe, but they will apparently retain the TV1000 brand.

New logos for all six channels were released today, and are displayed below.

Current logo.

Modern Times Group (archive)
Viasat Sverige
Broadband TV News

Dagens Media

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