Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New logo: Corsair International

Corsairfly, a French airline belonging to the travel group TUI, announced last week that it would change its name to Corsair International. At the same time, it introduces a new corporate identity and a tagline that translates into "Open other horizons".

Corsair was founded in 1981, and became a part of TUI in 2000. Later on, the planes were repainted with TUI's corporate identity, although Corsairfly never adopted the TUIfly name used by the corporation's other airlines. This rebrand means the airline will once again have an independent identity.

The new identity was reportedly created by Dream On, an agency otherwise known for motion branding. The blue logo should remind us of the sky and the sails "give a special status and a noble representaion of travel". The airline will start repainting planes in July this year.

The out-going logo.

At the moment, the logo seems to be the only part of this new identity that has been released.

Press release (archive)


  1. It would be really great if this blog was also able to comment on the fonts used in the logos, it seams to me that this is a huge part of the works and that it's almost always left uncommented.

    1. For example, it would be worth mentionning that the main font seams to be custom made, but the tagline is set in Vista Light…