Friday, March 9, 2012

New logo: Malaysia Airlines

The Malaysian flag carrier Malaysia Airlines unveiled a new livery yesterday, March 8, when they showcased a new Airbus A380-800. The red and blue lines of the previous livery have been replaced by lines in three blue colour tones. The airline has also introduced an updated logo.

The previous identity was launched on October 15, 1987 and created by Johan Ariff of Johan Design Associates. At the same time, the company changed its name to Malaysia Airlines in a bid to strengthen the image of its home country, having previously been marketed as Malaysian Airline System or the initials MAS. The previous red colour was complemented with blue and the airline symbol, a wau bulan or Kelantan kite, was tilted to appear more aerodynamic.

Previous logo.

The new look gives up the red to go all-blue. The wordmark has been modernised with a new typeface and the kite has been turned blue and slightly remodeled. (Apologies for the low resolution image at the top of this post.)

The agency behind this redesign doesn't appear to have been revealed yet, but it has previously been announced that DraftFCB/FutureBrand and Johan Design Associates had been shortlisted for a corporate identity pitch.

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The 1987 livery.

Press release (archive)
Business Times


  1. Like the new logo. Looks modern and simple. Better than the previous logo.

  2. The livery design is pretty unique. Quite like it.

  3. online it says Landor.

  4. i agree that it does look quite unique, but i cant seem to understand why the airline has decided to ditch the colour red and opted instead for an overall colour scheme that somehow projects a much more gloomier feel, its just too dark and doesnt feel like its MAS at all

  5. Why get rid if red?...
    Looks generic, there are so many blue airlines around. Blue is just safe; MAS missed a chance to show more their heritage.

  6. In my opinion, the red was removed because Tony Fernandes is now on the board of MAS and is trying to clearly differentiate 'his' two Malaysia-based airlines.

    I think the new logo discards a lot of the character of the previous Wau symbol for a shiny, gradient option that is too current and likely to date extremely quickly. Longevity and trust are the keys to building brand loyalty so hopefully MAS doesn't have to spend millions on another re-brand soon.

    DraftFCB/FutureBrand had won the pitch for MAS but were passed over by Fernandes who was impressed by Landor's refusal to submit a creative proposal during earlier pitch phases... Having seen the design work, I suspect Landor might have benefitted from having explored some pitch ideas. This looks rushed, too trendy and unlikely to last.

    Two thumbs down.

  7. disappointing to say the least.
    gradation... please... so 90s.
    can't believe it !

  8. I am a Malaysian and is so sad to see the new logo, without the red. Is so cheap looking right now. Faded and monotone blue??? Showing MAS is weak? Gosh...I WANT MY RED BACK!

  9. Should have gotten the designer who did a wonderful job with Maybank to do it..he'll teach you what revitalizing means.."

  10. I liked the fact that its a mere update of the existing one, its not the time for total makeover (read: more branding cost).

    IMHO, the type obviously less cluttered. The three downward-pointing triangles are gone. Good riddance! It makes more sense now that Wau & type facing (or going to) same direction.

    By taking out the red, the whole look is simplified & sharper-looking, just nice for MAS premium fleet. Hey, even better if 'airline' is dropped, & that color tone as well.

    BTW, 40% of Top 50 global corps' logos use blue as principal colour.

    lef jeb

  11. I think this new all-blue livery is only for their Airbus A380s.
    You can see in their website (, and compare to the a380 webpage) that other new aircraft have the new logo but still use the red/blue symbol and logo...

  12. New logo looks washed out as does the website.

    Its a pity that the logo is no longer an eye catcher

  13. Very disappointing.. Too dark and it not very prominent. they should have left the color as they way it is.. It look more like Garuda ..why only for airbus change color? Dont confuse people leh...Furthermore MH is not the first to fly A380 ok? get that facts right too.

  14. The new logo of the Wau is tilted the WRONG way. It will never fit into the 'top-sweptback' triangle of the verticle fin. Really dumb!

  15. I think MAS got rid of the red in their livery because they are tired of being in the red all these years. However, little did they realize that RED is NOT the problem. (Just look at Air Asia). Corruption and Cronyism is the main problem!

  16. I believe the red is back in action...

  17. HRH The Earl Of MegaOctober 23, 2012 at 5:22 AM

    i believe if the livery is a bit purple, it will looks like Thai Airways

  18. Hi, I hope someone can tell me whay is the pantone color code for the Blue & Red of Malaysia Ailines logo. Tq


  20. Hello, Buta ke org yang designed ni..dah cantik yang lama..ditukar kepada yang paling buruk dan tak creative langsung...cuba tengok yang baru dgn yang lama mcm terbalik...color dan logo tu dah cantik buat apa tukar??? tak cantik langsung.. pecat je org yang keluarkan idea paling buruk ni...errrr!!!!

  21. the old logo looks outstanding than the new one, the new design looks like a plastic wau. the old logo could stand for hundred more years. you can change the design on the airbus but not the logo. Please change it Malaysia Airlines, your old logo looks much more of Malaysia identity.

    1. JAL also wasted time and money by changing their logo to the Arc of the Sun. After much criticism, they returned to the old Japanese crane livery. The new Malaysian design ressembles Egypt Air which is all-blue. MAS' old livery is best but I never see it as it never flies to NYC.

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