Thursday, March 22, 2012

New look: Kandia

Kandia is the primary brand of the major Romanian confectionary company Kandia Dulce, offering a range quality chocolate bars.

Starting this month, Kandia is introduced a new package design, created by the Romanian brand agency BrandTailors. The new packaging highlights the product's cacao content as it aims for somewhat upscale consumers.

Previous logo.

BrandTailors have been working with the Kandia brand since the agency was founded in 2004. In that time, the brand has gone through four logo changes. Kandia's product range was last redesigned in 2010.

Although the new logo makes its debut on Kandia's main product range with this redesign, it has been used for other products since late last year, for example on a box of assorted chocolates, also designed by BrandTailors.


From BrandTailor's case study:
"Kandia stands for the intense taste and multi-sensory appeal of real chocolate, so BrandTailors consultants anddesigners decided to introduce the “rich cocoa content” reason-to-believe and the brand’s upscale heritageinto its very core – the visual identity.

In order to insure a complete multi-sensory brand experience, the product design was also an important part of the project, its development being able to render the soft melting beneit more obvious.

The package design solution helps taking the brand one step further in terms of price segment by positioningit in the mainstream plus category. The new brand identity was created to cover the brand’s presence in all sub-categories – chocolate tablets, bars and pralines.




BrandTailors case
BrandTailors set

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