Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New logo: TV 2 Play

TV 2, Denmark's largest broadcaster, operates a video on demand service on the web that offers movies and programmes from the company's channels for a monthly fee. Since its launch in 2004, it has been marketed as TV 2 Sputnik until last Monday, May 21, when it was relaunched as TV 2 Play. The new name conforms with similar services in the Scandinavian countries, particularly Sweden, where the word "Play" is being adopted as a universal term for video on demand.

The more mainstream name is also reflected in the logo, a friendly light blue container with the word "play" in a typeface that is quite popular at the moment. A play icon is created by tilting and duplicating the shape.

Previous logo, introduced in 2011.

TV 2 Sputnik was launched in December 2004. The original logo featured a constructivist typeface that fit well with the Eastern block name, but also reflected that time's web aesthetics. Later on, the service went more mainstream, adopting a funky purple TV set as its symbol. That symbol was simplified as late as last year.

The original Sputnik logo.

A later version, introduced around 2008/2009.

TV 2 (archive)

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