Friday, June 8, 2012

New logo: Hillshire Brands

The Sara Lee Corporation, owners of several consumer brands, is splitting up into two companies, one for its North American operations and one for its international beverage business, primarily coffee brands like Douwe Egberts, and bakery products, and another for its North American operations, primarily made up of meat-based food brands.

This week, on June 5, the new corporate identity for the latter company was unveiled, which will start trading in July. It will take the name Hillshire Brands from one of its brands, Hillshire Farm. Other brands within the company are Ball Park, Gallo Salame, Jimmy Dean and State Fair, and the company will continue using the Sara Lee name for some products and its foodservice division.

The visual identity was developed by Duffy & Partners, who has previously worked with the company's consumer brands. They were also behind a similar rebrand for the Malt-O-Meal Company earlier this year.
"The company has also adopted a new visual identity to help position Hillshire Brands as a leader focused on providing innovative meat-centric brand and snack solutions, but at the same time, create a distinction between the new corporate name and the leading Hillshire Farm brand. The identity will be instilled throughout the organization through signage, stationery and a branded office space currently under construction in Chicago." - Press release

The Sara Lee corporate logo.

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  1. I would like for the hillshire Farms hot beef sausage links, that I use to like to change back to its original recipe. The new hot beef links are sweet. The old recipe had a casing that snapped and you can see the crush red pepper in the blend.