Monday, June 18, 2012

New logo: Swiss Football League

Swiss Football League is the name used by Switzerland's professional football league. Ahead of the 2012–13 season, it highest division has changed its name from Axpo Super League to Raiffeisen Super League after the banking group Raiffeisen replaced energy company Axpo as its name sponsor.

To mark the new name, the league unveiled new logos last week, on June 15, for both the Swiss Football League, Raiffeisen Super League and the second division Challenge League. All three logos are based on the same template, a pentagon with a footballer and a football with the Swiss cross. Compared to some other logos in this genre, they are quite restrained.

Previous logo.

New Raiffeisen Super League logo.

Previous Axpo Super League logo.

New Challenge League logo.

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Swiss Football League


  1. disaster...I would expect something more Swiss from a Swiss Football League and not Gotham and something that looks duly American.

  2. Hmm, plain and simple, anyway it is still interesting.

    Ashley | Soccer News