Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New logo: Polk Audio

Polk Audio is a U.S. manufacturer of audio equipment, notably speakers and headphones, particularly targeting audiophiles. This month, on July 12, it unveiled a new corporate identity that brings back a heart symbol that should promise "love of great sound". A heart was present in the company's original logo. The new identity was developed by Frog Design in San Francisco.

Previous logo.
"Our first logo – with the heart dotting the ‘i’ – was a reflection of our personality, values and love of audio. Today, we have a slew of new faces mixed with longtime Polk veterans, all contributing new ideas while sharing the same passion for audio. The new logo is a salute to our past and a promise to ourselves and to our customers that our dedication to and love of great sound will remain our true inspirations." - Marketing VP Al Ballard in a press release

Polk Audio press release (archive)

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