Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New logo: RTCG

Radio i Televizija Crne Gore (RTCG - "Radio and Television of Montenegro") is the national broadcaster of Montenegro, that small country on the Balkans that became independent from Serbia as late as 2006. Last month, RTCG launched a new corporate identity with a new symbol that is now used across its services.

What the winged symbol is supposed to be isn't clear, but its red and golden colours are also present in Montenegro's flag. The typeface used in all logos is DIN Medium, sometimes a bit modified. The exception is the numerals for the the two domestic TV channels that seem (very) home-made.

Previous logo.

A user on the French media forum Lenodal.com called Le Neko deserves credit for discovering the logos below. Due to my slightly limited knowledge of Montenegrin, I haven't been able to find out more information about this new identity. Some local web forums suggest that the new identity was launched in early June.

Colour variations of the main logo.

Service logos for TVCG1, TVCG 2, TVCG Sat and Radio 98.

Radio TV Forum


  1. The logo would be a modernist remake from a part of the national coat of arms of Montenegro, the two-headed eagle from the Byzantine Empire, with the colours of the national flag.

  2. Hello "The Branding Source",

    As I was reading this interesting post about the new visual identity of the "Radio i Televizija Crne Gore", I saw that you named me in the article. You can probably imagine how surprised I was!

    I must say I'm kinda flattered of this, despite I found at first the information in one of your posts (new logos for TV channels from January to June 2012).

    But I also want to add that my "contribution" doesn't have to hide the huge work that is done by the whole team of Lenodal.

    With the great pleasure of reading your interesting articles,

    Le Neko. ^w^