Thursday, August 9, 2012

Logo round-up: July 2012

July is a hot summer month in much of the Northern hemisphere, yet there was a good crop of new logos launched around the world.

Royal HaskoningRoyal HaskoningDHV
Royal HaskoningDHV
A Dutch engineering consultancy recently created through a merger.
Created by: Millford Brand-ID
Revealed and launched: July 2
The Branding Source

National Restaurant AssociationNational Restaurant Association
National Restaurant Association
Launched: July 2
The Branding Source

A French department.
The Branding Source

The British Standards Institution.
Launched: July 2
The Branding Source

Canal8 Sport
Canal8 Sport
A new Danish sports channel.
Revealed: July 3
Launches: August 13
Canal9 (archive)

Daniel JouvanceDaniel Jouvance
Daniel Jouvance
A French cosmetics brand.
Created by: The Brand Union

Petra ElectricPetra Electric
Petra Electric
German electric appliances brand.
Created by: Nandodesign
Design Tagebuch

British TV channel dedicated to history.
Created by: DixonBaxi
Revealed: July 10
Launched: July 24
The Branding Source

Buffalo Wild WingsBuffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings
An American restaurant chain.
Launched: July
The Branding Source

A Spanish fuel distribution company.
Created by: Coleman CBX
The Branding Source

Microsoft's cloud storage service.
Launched: July 12
The Windows Blog (archive)

Polk AudioPolk Audio
Polk Audio
American manufacturer of audio equipment.
Created by: Frog Design
Revealed: July 12
Polk Audio press release (archive)
The Branding Source

Naturalis Biodiversity CenterNaturalis Biodiversity Center
Naturalis Biodiversity Center
A prominent national history museum in the Netherlands.
Created by: DieTwee
Launched: July 12
The Branding Source

Brussels Capital Region
Brussels Capital Region
Created by: Base Design
Revealed: July
Base Design
Creative Review
Design Tagebuch

Purex (Canada)Purex (Canada)
Purex (Canada)
Created by: Shikatani Lacroix
Shikatani Lacroix (archive)
Packaging Europe

Big Sky ConferenceBig Sky Conference
Big Sky Conference
US college athletic conference.
Created by: SME Branding
Revealed: July 16
The Branding Source
Big Sky Conference (archive)
Brand book (archive)
Brand New

Spanish car brand.
Revealed: Mid-July (still not fully confirmed)

Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Office
Microsoft Office
Revealed: July 16 (officially confirmed)
The Branding Source

A town in Shropshire, England.
Created by: & Smith and We All Need Words
Creative Review
Brand New

SF (Australia)SF (Australia)
Australian satellite channel dedicated to science fiction.
Revealed: July 18
Launched: July 23
The Branding Source

LifeStyle FoodLifeStyle Food
LifeStyle Food
Australian food TV channel.
The Branding Source

Tourism identity for an island in the West Indies.
Revealed: July
Government of Montserrat (archive)

Island AirIsland Air
Island Air
Hawaiian airline.
Created by: Clark/Huot
Revealed and launched: July 19
Island Air (archive)
Brand New

Air New ZealandAir New Zealand
Air New Zealand
Created by: Designworks
Revealed: July 20, 2012
Press release (archive)
Brand New

Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport
Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport
Created by: Eric Rob & Isaac
Revealed: July
Brand New

Saint Laurent Paris
Saint Laurent Paris
Revealed: July (through Facebook)

A new Spanish money management service.
Created by: Saffron Brand Consultants
Launched: July 24
The Branding source

Hungary's national broadcaster.
Revealed and launched: July
The Branding Source

Yu (Russia)
Yu (Russia)
A new Russian youth TV channel.
Revealed: July 26
Launched: September (scheduled)
The Branding Source

IP DeutschlandIP Deutschland
IP Deutschland
German advertising sales house.
Created by: BplusD
Revealed: July
Launched: July 31
The Branding Source

Lithuania's national broadcaster.
Revealed and launched: July
The Branding Source

Ain PharmaciezAin Pharmaciez
Ain Pharmaciez
Japanese pharmacy company.
Revealed: July
Launched: August 1
The Branding Source

Cystic Fibrosis FoundationCystic Fibrosis Foundation
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
US non-profit organization.
Created by: Grafik
Revealed: July 30
Brand New

Air MaltaAir Malta
Air Malta
Created by: Futurebrand
Revealed: July 31
The Branding Source


  1. You forget the new tourism logos for Ávila and Burgos, Spain; the new logo for the andorran bank Andbanc, now Andbank; and the new logos for the savings banks that formed Banca Cívica and now are part of laCaixa.

    1. Thanks for pointing me towards these interesting projects. However, the first three were all revealed before July, and will therefore not be included in this post, but they will probably be included in the end-of-the-year summary.

      The last one is a kind of rebrand that doesn't really fit this format, but I'll consider it. There was a similar rebrand unveiled for Banco CAM this month that I also didn't include.