Thursday, August 30, 2012

New logo: Ava

Ava is a Finnish TV channel from Finland's largest commercial broadcaster MTV3 that airs women-oriented programmes. Originally launched in 2008 as a pay channel, it has developed into a free national channel. Recently, it launched a new look, developed in-house at MTV3 by art director Virpi Kunttu.

Viewer participation is an important part of the new look. Pictures and comments can be sent to Ava's website and are then incorporated into the on-screen graphics. There are also logo contests held that allow viewers to send in their own designs to replace the channel logo for a week.

The official logo has been turned into a sketchy doodle. Other parts of the on-screen graphics are beige and minimalist.

Previous logo.

Thanks to Randall C for the tip.

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One of the viewer-designed logos, this one was created by a Kalle N. in Helsinki.

The new logo has been around at least since May/June, although there are some reports saying that the new look launched more recently.


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