Thursday, August 23, 2012

New logo: Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum is a national art museum in Amsterdam and the second most visited art musuem in the Netherlands, with large collection that includes many important works from the 17th century.

Yesterday, August 22, a new logo was unveiled at the museum. The new identity is being created by Dutch graphic designer Irma Boom. It also includes a colour palette and a custom typeface family with no less than nine typefaces created by Paul van der Laan from the type foundry Bold Monday. The logo has a prominent IJ ligature which makes it typically Dutch, but the clean and contemporary design is also made to work internationally.

The previous identity was in use for about three decades and was created by Gert Dumbar's Studio Dumbar, who had previously designed posters for the museum and would later create new signage in the 80s.

The new identity will be implemented in full when the museum reopens in April 2013.

Previous logo.

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The new logo is unveiled. Photo: Johan van Walsem.

Two images shared by Bold Monday, showing the typefaces in action:

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Rijksmuseum (archive)
On previous design at the Rijksmuseum

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