Thursday, August 2, 2012

New logo: Yu

Myz-TV (Муз ТВ in Russian) is a Russian music-based TV network available over the air around Russia. As a result of the diminishing interest in music channels, it was announced last week (on July 26) that Muz-TV would be replaced by a general youth entertainment network called Yu that takes over the series and reality shows currently seen on Muz-TV. The iconic brand will live on as a music-only cable channel.

The new channel name, Yu, which is written in Cyrillic as a single letter, Ю. Its pronounciation its close to the English word "you", at least if pronounced with a Russian accent, and that is probably the origin of the name. Its tagline, "Eto ty", also happens to mean "It's you". The rectangular logo seems to be used both in a variety of colours and as a window.

Curent Muz-TV logo.

Muz-TV introduced a new look last year, and it was covered here.

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Muz-TV (archive)
Muz-TV video

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