Thursday, September 13, 2012

New logo: Amedia

A-pressen is a major Norwegian media group, mostly concerned with print newspapers. It has historically had ties to the labour movement, and is still part-owned by the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions. This week, on September 10, it was announced that it would change its name to Amedia, following a merger with another newspaper concern, Edda Media.

The new name takes an A from A-pressen and the word "media" from Edda Media, continuing the legacy of both groups.

An Oslo communication agency called Itera Gazette is credited for coming up with the new visual identity. It is said to have been developed to "describe the diversity in the concern's involvements".

Previous A-pressen logo.

A-pressen's previous visual identity was introduced in May 2009 and designed by an agency called Agendum. It replaced a logo from the mid-90s.

A-pressen logo used until 2009.

Report cover.

Amedia (archive)

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