Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New logo: CTC

CTC is one of the largest TV networks in Russia, and the most-watched network that isn't owned by the state. This month, on September 15, it launched a new on-screen look along with a completely new logo for the first time in over a decade.

The London office of BDA Creative finalised the new look. The colourful on-air package is said to be built around the tagline "the power of light". Yellow, which has previously been the network's signature colour, is still heavily featured, but is complemented with a full range of bright colours.

Previous logo.

"We are continuing to develop our Big Entertainment Channel strategy, which will contain both humorous and multi-genre content to entertain our audience in many different ways. CTC is changing internally, which should also be evident visually. Our redesigned logo is a symbol of our renovations. The slogan for our new season is "CTC – the power of light". We continue to share positive and bright emotions with our viewers, talking about positive human values on the bright side of entertainment. Everyone's work at CTC is now directed at this, which is reflected in the channel's updated visual format. Furthermore, the new CTC season will bring light to our viewers' screens in the literal sense: the splash screens between shows will contain sunrises, lightening and a range of other features associated with warmth and light. The new CTC television season will have a new face and fresh content that is a must see for everyone." - CTC head Viacheslav Murugov in a press release

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