Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New logo: D8 and D17

Direct 8 and Direct Star are two French national TV channels, launched in 2005 as apart of the new digital network. Direct 8 was originally devoted to live programming, but eventually expanded into a broader general channel, while Direct Star is a youth channel with plenty of music videos. Recently, both channels were purchased by Canal+, who are relaunching them on October 7 under the names D8 and D17. D8 will be completely overhauled with the programme budget more than doubled and most of the current programmes being cancelled.

A simple flat version of D8's logo, a D with an eight inside it, surfaced in early September. As the relaunch date was set, more materials have been made public, including a logo with 3D treatment, a press dossier and a launch spot. The result is similar the "Start Here" package produced for ABC in the United States by Troika Design Group back in 2007. Very similar.

Other than the fact the the D8 logo isn't designed by Paul Rand, many of the core elements from ABC's 2007 graphics package have been transitioned to D8. From the 3D treatment of the logo with its reflections and gradients to the virtual environment it inhabits. Even the relaunch promo looks a lot like US network promos of recent years. Update September 28: Incidentally, Troika was also the agency that designed the new D8 package. Two more idents can be viewed here. (Thanks to Arthur for pointing that out).

Previous logos.

Direct 8 and Direct Star have changed logos several times in their short history. The final version of the Direct 8 logo was introduced in 2009 as variation of earlier, similar logos. Direct Star got its current name in 2010.

The flat version of D8's logo.

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Still from D8's launch promo.

ABC ID from 2007.

Direct Star, the youth channel, has been renamed D17 after the channel number it is available on nationally. The logo has the same structure, but is pink.

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Both Direct 8 and Direct Star have gone through numerous rebrands and logo changes in the seven years they have been on the air.

Direct 8's original logo was a ghastly creation with two globes forming the number 8. It was replaced by a speech bubble design in late 2006. This was to move the TV channel in line with a group of newspapers that were owned by Bolloré Media, the company behind Direct 8, that also used a speech bubble container. It went through incremental changes, turning blue in 2007. The last revision was made in 2009.




Direct Star was launched as Europe 2 TV, an extension of the radio brand Europe 2. When Europe 2 became Virgin Radio France on New Years Day 2008, the TV channel became Virgin 17. Bollore Média bought Virgin 17 in 2010, changing its name to Direct Star and adopting a logo similar to that of Direct 8.



D8 dossier
D17 dossier
September 8
Pure Médias


  1. Here's another thing: Troika themselves designed the D8 identity (but I don't know if they did D17's too):