Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New logo: Duke Energy

Duke Energy is one of larger electric power companies in the United States. Yesterday, September 17, it unveiled a new corporate identity a few months after completing a merger with Progress Energy, another electricity company. The new symbol looks a bit like the current Progress Energy symbol, but is said to include elements of the Duke Energy logo as well.

The new logo will not be rolled out until March and April 2013. At the same time, Progress Energy will adopt the name of its parent company.

Current Duke Energy logo.

Current Progress Energy logo.

"The logo represents a new beginning for a unified and stronger Duke Energy," said Jim Rogers, chairman, president and CEO. "It also recognizes the rich histories of both Duke Energy and Progress Energy, reflecting the image of a world-class energy company."

The colors of the new logo reflect Duke Energy's commitment to sustainability, technology and energy efficiency.

"The new logo depicts forward motion, representing energy for the future," said Ginny Mackin, Duke Energy's chief communications officer. "It draws on elements from the legacy companies' logos: Progress Energy's 'star' and the 'swoosh' in Duke Energy's 'D.'"

- Press release


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