Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New logo: EE

Everything Everywhere is mobile telecommunications operator formed in 2010 when France Telecom and Deutsche Telecom merged their UK mobile businesses, that had until then operated under the brands Orange and T-Mobile. Today, September 11, it announced that it would launch a new brand called EE for its upcoming 4G network.

EE brand identity was developed by Wolff Olins, who were also involved in the launch of Orange back in the 90s. Visually, the identity is dominated by dots. The twos Es are made up of tiny dots, sitting on top of two circles (or larger dots). An entire typeface family of dotted letters, called EE Nobblee, has been created. Much of the communication materials also feature a grid of dots. The colour scheme is dominated by yellow and teal.

It appears the network brands Orange and T-Mobile will survive for now, existing "alongside" the new EE network. However, it is already clear that the 720 Orange and T-Mobile stores will be rebranded as EE stores.

Everything Everywhere logo.

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Everything Everywhere press release (archive)

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