Friday, September 21, 2012

New logo: Euro Florist

Euro Florist is a European flower delivery organisation that has thousands of affiliated florists in much of northwestern Europe. Recently, it has started rolling out a new logo.

The new symbol is a bird, that also looks a bit like a flower, which is a good metaphor for a flower delivery company. Representatives say the colourful logo used up until now wasn't very practical, and that the new one has a symbol that can be used without a wordmark.

The new look has already been rolled out to Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, as well as France where the company is marketed as Téléfleurs.

Previous logo.

Used by Téléfleurs in France.

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  1. What is the Business address of Euro Florist? I want to visit there.

    1. Depends on the country. In the UK they are known as Eflorist. You can check out their website: