Monday, September 17, 2012

New logo: Tulsa International Airport

The Tulsa International Airport is one of the two large airports in Oklahoma, the other being the Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City. Last week, on September 13, the airport launched a new logo with a new website. It was created by local firm Walsh Branding.

The new logo is a really nice swoosh in ranging from orange to purple. The pattern created from the swoosh and the colour scheme is used throughout the website and other applications. The typeface is plain Helvetica.
"The design of the new logo starts from a single point with three vector lines soaring into the air representing both takeoff and landing. Fresh, bright, vibrant colors are used in segments to suggest different destinations or legs of travel. In focus groups conducted by Walsh Branding, the new logo reminded participants of the eclectic nature of Tulsa. Some stated it reminded them of the BOK Center as it stands for Tulsa’s revitalization and progressive spirit. Others felt the logo represented the airport as the gateway to our City because the lines lead to and from Tulsa. Overall, participants felt that logo represented a forward moving attitude and personality." - Tulsa International Airport

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