Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New logo: Velatia

Grupo Ormazabal is a Spanish industrial group that has its origins in Ormazabal, a company that manufactures and installs electricity grids. Over time it has expanded into other fields in infrastructure. This week, on September 17, the group was renamed Velatia, following a merger with another company called Ikusi.

An objective of the renaming is to give the group an identity that is separate from its subsidiary with the same name. Velatia is included in the logos of the group's subsidiaries as an endorser brand.

Previous logo.
"As regards the visual features of the brand, the chosen typeface, whose characters are connected, reflects the union of the Group, while the colours reflect its essence: blue, a symbol of trust and part of the history of the company; and orange, as a colour associated with innovation and technology." - Press release

Press release (archive)
El País

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