Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New logo: Foxtel Movies

On January 1, the operations of Australia's two premium movie channel packages - Showtime and Movie Network - were winded down and replaced by one common brand, Foxtel Movies. This was because Australia's largest pay TV distributor wanted to take its premium channels in-house and buy movies directly from the content providers. Previously, Foxtel only owned half of Showtime Australia, while the rest of that service and all of Movie Network was owned by consortia of movie studios.

The main logo is a straight-forward Gotham wordmark with a leaning M that is also used separately as an icon. Logos for individual channels consists of the leaning M and the channel name.

Old Showtime logo.

Old Movie Netowrk logo.

The changes were announced in early December. The package consists of Foxtel Movies Premiere and its two-hour timeshift as well as six thematic channels, Family, Action/Adventure, Comedy, Thriller/Crime and Masterpiece. Premium drama series channel Showcase, marketed as "the home of HBO", is the only channel not affected by the rebrand.

New channel logos.

Stills from what I believe is channel idents. If want the see them animated, you'll have to scroll to the end of these three promos. They feature visual effects relating to different movie genres; the searchlight motif is a part of Foxtel's updated corporate identity that was launched last year.

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Thanks to Randall C for the tip!


  1. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz..........

  2. Foxtel has a monopoly over Pay TV and is abusing its dominating position to reduce services without compensating customers.

    I have paid for the Movie Network and Showtime packages for 8 years only to have the service severely reduced. The fees I pay remain the same.

    This is outright theft by Foxtel.

    It is arrogant abuse of power perpetrated by a MONOPOLY.

    Archie Archbold