Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New logo: ČT :D

Česká televize is the state television broadcaster of the Czech Republic. Faithful readers may remember its new corporate identity, revealed last April and launched the following September. Last week, on February 21, the company unveiled two new channels with logos extending from that new identity system.

The two channels are the children's channel ČT :D and the cultural channel ČT Art. They will share one frequency, with ČT :D broadcasting during the day and ČT Arts after 8 p.m.

ČT :D will also be referred to as Déčko, which I belive means "the D", getting its name from the first letter in the Czech word for children. It also allows them to use a logo with a smiley emoticon. According to a press release, the smile symbol was chosen because it was "simple and all-encompassing", while also being easily identifiable and charged with positive emotions.

There's no rationale available for the ČT Art logo.

Press release (archive)
Presentation (archive)

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  1. Česká televize Düsseldorf? :))