Friday, February 1, 2013

New logo: Rett i koppen

Rett i koppen is a Norwegian brand for instant meals and drinks, owned by a food company called Toro. Launched to great success in the 80s, sales had declined in recent years. Last autumn it introduced an overhauled package design, created by LFH in London.

The new package features several simple icons that convey the instant "on-the-go" nature of how the product is prepared and consumed. They also feature a large new cup logo.

Redesigned packaging has been rolled out in late autumn, and some new products are to be launched early this year.

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"Research had shown that Norwegian consumers strongly identify with the name ‘Rett i Koppen’ in terms of the brand’s functional benefits, i.e. an instant single portion product which is quick and easy to prepare, satisfying, as well as portable and practical. One of the objectives of the redesign was to create a solution which resonates with the consumer on a more emotional level, communicating the product’s benefits and usage occasions, thereby reinforcing Rett i Koppen as the number one choice of healthy snack - a ‘natural part of every break’.

We created a fresh new concept comprised of simple graphic icons, which provide quick and immediate links to the ‘on-the-go’ function of each product. The ingredient-led icons denote individual soup variants, helping the consumer to find the right tasty in between meal or sweet treat for them.
Colour coding distinguishes the traditional and exotic ranges, thereby easing portfolio navigation, whilst simultaneously creating differentiation with sub-ranges and strong shelf presence.
" - LFH

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Previous packaging.

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