Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New logo: Venstre

Venstre is one of Denmark's two large parties. Despite having a name that literally means "left", it is the dominating party for the right half of Denmark's electorate. After ten years in government, it lost the election to the Social Democrats in 2011 and became the opposition party. In January, it introduced a new logo, reportedly developed by its ad agency, Hjaltelin Stahl.

The new logo symbolises modernity, reliability and responsibility and should represent "a modern worker's party". It is very much based on its predecessor, but has had the typeface switched to Gotham. The party symbol, a V in the form of a check mark, now comes in three colours. In addition to the traditional blue, there's also orange and a lighter shade of blue.

Previous logo.

Venstre's previous logo was introduced in 2007.

Three colour variations of the V symbol.

Venstre's logo prior to 2007.

Based on this article from Altinget.

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