Friday, July 12, 2013

New logo: Glasgow Airport

When you want to use typical iconography to represent Scotland, you have two options. The saltire from the Scottish flag or the thistle, Scotland's floral emblem. When a new logo was created for Glasgow Airport, they went with the former.

Glasgow Airport is the second busiest airport in Scotland and launched a new logo this week, on July 10. This is part of major rebranding of the country's largest airport corporation which has meant that all airports have been given independent brand identities. The logo, featuring a nice geometric thistle-G, was created by Designline in Paisley.

Previous logo.

"For many, Glasgow Airport is their first and last impression of Scotland and the concept of the new brand also centres on creating a ‘Sense of Place.’ We recognise the need to have a strong, identifiable personality, which positions the airport within the region, supports an enjoyable customer experience and gives people a sense of arrival to Glasgow and to Scotland, hence the use of the G and the thistle." - Press release

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