Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New logo: Unimev

Unimev is the new name for the French meeting industry council, an organisation for those that organise trade fairs and exhibitions. Previously known as FSCEF, the new name was launched on June 28. The identity was developed with French agency 4uatre.

Previous logo.

"With this new name, UNIMEV, French Meeting Industry Council, and this new visual world that give unity to diversity, the Council intends to promote, attract and give credibility.

The new brand identity will boost the development of the sector and the interests of its members, promoting the entire industry by fostering the profession to the wider public (press, students, and advertisers) and the development of services adapted to the needs of the adherents.

Leaving the descriptive acronym, the federation definitely fits into the modern world while expressing his promise “the meeting industry, a media par excellence”.
Carrying “union” (Unim) and the common denominator to all players in the field (Ev), the name Unimev reflects the primary mission of the federation: gathering seven business groups around common values.

Exchange, friendliness, trend, economical dynamism are the values that the new brand had to express with its visual identity.

The uniqueness of the new brand is its strong sign inclusion in the "v": the opening “quote” for an actor who has always operated in the dialogue and carries the voice of its members.

Obviously French, the federation decided to modernize its color palette in favor of a dark blue and a red rose.
" - Press release

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