Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New logo: RTL4

RTL4 is the most-watched commercial television channel in the Netherlands, and also the flagship of RTL Nederland, the country's largest commercial broadcaster. Two of RTL's other channels were given new logos last year, and now RTL4 is following suit. A new logo was revealed yesterday, August 20, and is due to to launch as part of a new on-air graphics package on August 26.

The logo and the graphics package were created with Findesign, a Dutch broadcast design studio who also worked with RTL4 on their previous on-air design in 2008. The signature orange colour from the previous logo has been retained.

Previous logo.

The video below provides a glimpse into how the logo works on screen.

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RTL (archive)
RTL Nieuws


  1. Channel 4 have called - they'd like their logo back!

    1. RTL NL's 3 other mainstream channels have been rebranding their identities, first with RTL 7, then with RTL 5 and RTL 8, and now it's time for the main channel, RTL 4. Technically orange has been the channei's main color since 1999, and the first logo (as RTL 4, not as RTL Veronique) had a red version at first, changing to a yellow version later on.
      What about the TV logo roundup for January-June 2013?