Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New logo: Cromax

The American high-performance coatings producer Axalta Coating Systems was spun off from DuPont earlier this year. Its visual identity was featured here when it was revealed back in June. This week the company revealed a new brand name for its automotive refinish systems, formerly called DuPont Refinish. They will now be known as Cromax, eleveating what used to be a product name to an umbrella brand.

"The Cromax name and vibrant logo provide a fresh, new look to a superb line of refinish products that enjoy tremendous loyalty among thousands of body shop customers, distributors and importers involved in the refinish business around the world. Cromax is already an established, well-known product name in our key markets. Today, we’re elevating the Cromax name to embrace a portfolio of products that together will provide our customers with choices to support them from the front of the body shop to the back." - chairman and CEO Charles Shaver in a press release

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Coat on a flag.


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