Friday, September 27, 2013

New logo: RTVV

RTVV is the regional public broadcaster for Valencia, a coastal area in western Spain with about five million inhabitants. Last week, it unveiled a new logo, designed by an in-house team. It is due to launch in October.

RTVV's radio and television networks are branded as Nou, which is the word for both "nine" and "new" in Catalan. Television channels are branded "Canal Nou", the primary radio network is "Radio Nou". It appears this rebrand exercise the "Nou" brand to the corporate level, removing the numeral 9. The new blue logo is an abstract rendition of the name made up of triangles. The blue colour refers to the Mediterranean Sea and can also be seen as glass, a metaphor for transparency.

Current RTTV logo.

Current Canal Nou logo.

El Pais


  1. Now the Canal 9 logo is spotted at matches of a Valencian team that plays for La Liga: there is an advertisement for the channel, on those ad things on the sides of the stadium.
    Aah! What the hell is this? RTV or RTVV?

    1. It's RTVV: (R)adio (T)ele(V)isió (V)alenciana

    2. I know it's RTVV, but the new logo reads "RTV".
      Their second channel, "Canal Nou Dos" closed down in July due to financial difficulties.

    3. Oops, it reads "nou". Sorry...