Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New look: TV 2 (Denmark)

TV 2 is Denmark's most watched television channel, owned by the Danish state but commercially funded. It started broadcasting in October 1988, and at the conclusion of a 25th anniversary tribute that aired on October 5, the channel launched a new on-air identity. It is a part of a larger overhaul of the company's brand architecutre that is being created as a collaboration between TV 2's in-house design department and the independent agencies Designit and Stupid Studio.

The new identity brings focus back to the classic TV 2 logo, originally designed by Finn Hjernøe and used since the launch with only minor updates. In the past few decades, the logo has been permanently enclosed by a rectangle. That rectangle has now been removed and the logo stands free once again. The 56 degree slant in the logo is used in all aspects of presentation, including sliding graphic on screen.

New idents and break bumpers feature snippets of everyday Danish life, sent in by viewers. The new channel typeface is Alright Sans.

Previous logo.

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The 56 degree slant.

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An interesting "story logo" concept.

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Examples of how the new graphic system could be implemented in print.

Two of many new break bumpers:

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