Thursday, November 21, 2013

New logo: IFM Investors

Industry Funds Management, is a fund manager that was founded in Australia in 1990 and is owned by a number of non-profit pension funds. Back in October, it changed its name to IFM Investors, respecting the company's heritage by keeping the initials but stressing the importance of its investors. The new name and identity was developed by Landor Associates.

Previous logo.

"Landor became familiar with the IFM brand by interviewing clients, employees, and focus group participants. We realized the brand wasn’t highlighting what made the company special—its unique structure and focus on the client. We recommended a global rebrand and name change to better differentiate the firm.

We created the Brand Driver™, Genuine prosperity, emphasizing IFM’s commitment to improving investor returns. We also created a tagline that references the brand’s ownership structure and its benefits to investors: One purpose. Shared prosperity. To clarify what the company offers, we suggested the name IFM Investors. The name retains IFM’s valuable equity and accentuates the firm’s commitment to its investors.
" - Landor

IFM Investors
Landor pdf

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