Friday, December 6, 2013

New logo: Mobile by Sainsbury's

British supermarket chain Sainsbury's became yet another in the line of companies to launch a mobile telecom brand with the introduction of "Mobile by Sainsbury's" earlier this year in partnership with Vodefone. The brand was developed by Lippincott.

The brand was developed to translate Sainsbury's ethos, "Live Well For Less", to a telecom brand and emphasises that it is on the costumers side. Visually, it was designed to fit in with Sainsbury's overall identity and to appear generous and bright as well as technically knowledgeable.

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The logo on the top of this page is used by Mobile by Sainsbury's, the one above can be seen on Lippincott's website.

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"We worked with a highly engaged team from Sainsbury’s, to define a customer proposition that both builds on and reinforces the brand strength from grocery. The proposition draws on the company’s unique strengths in the Nectar rewards scheme, and their combination of great value with their extra care and thought.

The resulting experience and mobile brand emphasize that Sainsbury’s is on the customer’s side throughout the mobile purchase and ownership, giving them a quality product at the right price, just as they have done in grocery for 140 years.

The newly created visual identity stayed true to the Sainsbury’s heritage of quality while conveying a sense of technological expertise and excitement, making it relevant within the mobile and digital space. We chose a bright color palette that represented their upbeat and generous nature, complete with a distinctive graphic flare. This design detail not only reflected the simple and practical approach to mobile, but also represented a sense of ‘closeness’ in a sector that customers often find daunting.

The logotype reinforces Sainsbury’s open and straightforward approach while seamlessly blending it into the digital world. A simple and pragmatic photography system further adds to Sainsbury’s new approach alongside a radically simplified tariff and pricing system, making it easier and clearer for customers to choose with confidence.
" - Lippincott

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