Thursday, February 13, 2014

The World Olympians Association lights a new flame

More Olympic logo news, this time about the World Olympians Association, an organisation for Olympic athletes from around the world. It unveiled a new logo last week shortly before the opening of the Sochi games. This is done to symbolise a change of direction for the organisation.

Just like the previous logo, the new iteration features a flaming torch, but the new version is more abstract and features more modern typography.

"The new brand and dynamic, interactive website [] symbolises the new direction of the WOA - showcasing the work which has been done in the last two years to revitalise the international organisation for Olympians and give it a renewed sense of purpose. The WOA's new online presence is a celebration of the work being carried out by Olympians and National Olympians Associations worldwide with the communities in which they live. The new website will also offer its Olympian members powerful new ways to connect and communicate with each other, share experiences and pass on useful opportunities." - Press release

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