Friday, March 21, 2014

SFR cleans the square

SFR is one of France's leading mobile telecommunications companies. It was originally known Société Française du Radiotéléphone and is currently owned by media group Vivendi who are currently discussing selling it to another company. This week SFR introduced a refreshed logo, accompanied by the slogan Smart comme vous ("Smart as you").

The various bevels, drop shadows and flares from the old logo have been removed. What remains is a clean (dare I say "flat"?) red square with seemingly unaltered lettering. This seems to be simply a logo refresh, the overall look and feel remains essentially unchanged.

Previous logo, introduced in 2008.

SFR's red square logo was originally introduced in 1994, created by design agency Carré Noir. It has since been updated a couple of times, the last change occurred in 2008 when SFR merged with Neuf-Cegetel. Back then, brand agency Brand-image updated the logo to give it "sensory appeal".

Original SFR logo from 1994.

A new ad:

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