Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Television Academy gets a proper identity

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is an American institution dedicated to advancement and acknowledgement of television, best known for organising the Emmy Awards. The organisation itself has had a somewhat muted identity, often using the Emmy statue as its symbol. That changed this month when the Academy got its own visual identity, created with Siegel+Gale.

The new logo adopts the name "Television Academy" which has long been used as shorthand name. They also created a series of light trails that support the logo.

Previous logo.

From a press release:

"While best known for its annual presentation of the Primetime Emmy® Awards, the Television Academy represents much more. Siegel+Gale collaborated with the Television Academy to better position the organization and its offerings through a comprehensive brand strategy. The new brand story—we celebrate and empower storytellers to push the boundaries of what television can be—re-affirms the Television Academy's dedication to television. It speaks to the extensive offerings for members and partners, including events and programs with television's game-changers, and for the access and educational opportunities the Academy's Foundation provides to talented young people who are tomorrow's television professionals. All its programs involve celebrating excellence and recognizing industry achievements.

"Our new brand story applauds our heritage and looks toward the future. We are committed to being an influential partner in the evolving entertainment landscape, today and tomorrow," said Bruce Rosenblum, chairman and chief executive officer of the Television Academy. "Furthermore, television is ever-changing and is no longer limited to traditional consumption or engagement, and we are proud to be an industry leader."

To express the new direction of the brand, Siegel+Gale developed a visual identity, including a refreshed logo. For the first time, the new logo features the name of the organization as it's widely referenced: the Television Academy, versus its legal name, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The logo also includes a visual palette of energetic, colorful light trails that reflects the role of the Television Academy as a portal of creativity and a conduit for content that inspires members and partners in shaping the future of television.

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