Friday, March 14, 2014

Thrivent Financial not only for Lutherans

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is an American faith-based financial services organisation. It is one of a handful non-profits that are also Fortune 500 companies. This month, on March 3, it introduced a new logo and an abbreviated name.

"For Lutherans" has been dropped from the name as the organisation welcomes all kinds of Christians. Instead, the Christians connection is communicated with a cross in a heart.

The organisation has put together a little website were the new branding is presented in full.

Previous logo.

Thrivent was created in its present form in 2002 from the merger of Aid Association for Lutherans and Lutheran Brotherhood. The previous logo was also introduced in 2002 and created by Futurebrand. No word yet one who created the new logo.

Full logo explanation, from Thrivent:
  • The heart symbol – The heart represents caring and generosity. The cross symbolizes faith, with the path-like arc of the cross representing a journey. Together, they represent the common bond shared by our members and the generous nature of our membership organization.
  • The tagline – Our tagline, Connecting faith & finances for good™, connects it all together, reinforcing how we help members connect faith, finances and generosity.
  • Thrivent Financial – Our shortened name is a reflection of how most of our members refer to us today and is a concise way to introduce ourselves to others who may not have already experienced our organization. Our legal name remains Thrivent Financial for Lutherans; our shortened name will be used on materials.


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