Thursday, May 8, 2014

New IFC logo is slightly more off

IFC is an American cable TV network dedicated to edgy "offbeat" comedy, best known as the home of hipster sketch comedy series Portlandia. It is a part of AMC Networks and was originally dedicated to independent film, but has been repositioned over time. Back in 2010, the new positioning was reinforced with the launch of a new brand identity and the slogan "Always on, Slightly Off".

This month, IFC launched a new logo that builds on its existing edgy image. The new logo is slightly more "off" and removes the punctuation from the slogan. It was created by New York-based design studio Gretel.

Hopefully, we'll have more on this later.

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Trailer endboard.

"Commented Blake Callaway, IFC’s EVP of marketing & digital media: “After nearly four years it was time to give IFC a little facelift. The new brand design is not only a great look, but it also allows us to apply our uniquely offbeat sensibility to everything we do – show promotions, movie promos and even the boring stuff like ratings disclaimers will have our unique take.

“The brand refresh is also a chance to remind everyone that IFC is different. We think different is the way to be. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we like to keep things playful with no pretense or posing. Nothing is off limits as long as it’s funny and keeps people talking.”

Along with the new logo, the IFC brand refresh includes a bold typography for primary messaging (“The Hero”), a subtle nod to the brand’s humor in a smaller font (“The Sidekick”) and a collection of IFC approved “Stamps” that certify every movie and show as an “Original,” “Brand New,” “Classic,” “Staff Pick,” or something to “Rewatch.”
" - Press release

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