Friday, May 23, 2014

Wolff Olins brands new Portuguese telecoms giant

Two of Portugal's largest telecommunications companies, Zon and Optimus, merged last year to form a new company with a complete offering of everything from cable TV to mobile telephony. The merged company was called Zon Optimus and the old consumer brands remained until last week, when the company was unified under a new brand, NOS. The brand identity was developed by Wolff Olins.

The new brand has a message of unity and togetherness. Nos is the Portuguese word for "we" and the brand's slogan is Há mais em nós, which means "there is more to us". The logo is made up of multicoloured spokes that come together in a wheel.

Zon logo.

Optimus logo.

Interim Zon Optimus logo.

An ad to launch the new brand:

Some animations with the new logo:

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Fonts in use has posted plenty more images of the new identity.


  1. In correct portuguese "NOS" can be translated as "at the" or "in the", there's a difference between "NOS" and "NÓS" (that means "we") and the whole graphic universe... seems very poor. It doesn't seem Wolff Olins work.

    1. But here's the thing: the brand name "NOS" is pronounced just like the word "nós" ("we", "us").

  2. a montanha pariu um rato... ou um esfíncter.

  3. Have you tried googling "we" ? that's about the same as googling "nos" you get just about everything. Bad branding.