Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cable channel WE tv introduces inclusive branding

WE TV is a middle-sized American cable TV network aimed at women, owned by AMC Networks. It started life in 1997 as a movie channel called Romance Classics before morphing into a more general women's channel called "Women's Entertainment", later shortened to its current name.

Recently, its focus has been broadened to be more inclusive and yesterday, June 2, AMC Networks unveiled new branding for WE to reflect this change. This is done by focusing on the inclusive word "we". The logo is very simple, consisting of the letters W and E and underscored to make it a proper logo. It can be included in exclamations and calls to action such as "aWEsome" and "tWEet".

New graphics are being developed with Buenos Aires-based Eloisa Iturbe Studio. A press release indicates the new look will not launch until this autumn. (Apologies for the poor resolution logo.)

Previous logo.

WE's previous glossy logo was designed by Troika and introduced during 2010.

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"“When we looked at our name and brand, we realized instantly that the word ‘WE’ is an ideal reflection of the socially networked world we live in today,” said Marc Juris, WE tv president. “The idea of ‘WE’ as all of us – sharing common interests and experiences – is a powerful and universal theme which drives connection, conversation, collaboration and community. It creates an ideal platform to position the network at the center of the rapidly evolving multi-screen universe.”

To visually articulate the new brand promise, the network developed an innovative, highly unusual design strategy that uses the network logo to communicate key brand attributes. The logo is the word “WE” underscored by a bar that serves as a signature design element. In addition to underscoring the word WE in the logo, the bar will be used graphically to call out WE in key words and phrases like awesome, powerful and tweet.
" - Press release

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