Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Common look for the Flemish opera and ballet

The national Flemish opera and ballet houses, Vlaamse Opera and Koninklijk Ballet van Vlaanderen, were merged at the beginning of this year into a single organisation dubbed Kunsthuis. The individual ensembles will coexist, but early last month they received a common corporate identity.

Under the new system the opera and the ballet will change their names to Opera Vlaanderen and Ballet Vlaanderen, respectively. The logo for the common organisation includes the names of both as well as a stylised letter K. The two ensembles will use logos derived from the corporate one.

The new logos were unveiled on May 6 and will be used from September when the first common season launches. A taste of the new look can be had by browsing through next year's catalogue.

Current Vlaamse Opera logo.

Current Ballet Vlaanderen logo.

Vlaams Opera
Opera Magazine

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